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P/N: E2443053
IX32, Power distribution module

High power input/output and power distribution for CAN J1939 systems

The Murphy PowerCore™ IX32 module is an advanced CAN-based I/O device, providing extensive inputs, outputs and power distribution for control systems and displays. The IX32 provides a superior alternative to existing, failure-prone electromechanical relay and fuse-based solutions. Solid-state switching and overload protection is used throughout, with no moving parts in a completely encapsulated case.

The IX32 is configured and controlled by CAN messages, typically from a PowerView display programmed with Murphy's PowerVision Configuration Studio™. Flexible I/O configuration allows total integration of switches, sensors, actuators and loads into CAN-based vehicle/machine display, control and message systems.

IX32 modules can be located close to sensors and loads, remote from a central CAN display/controller: the simple 4 wire power and CAN connection gives not only improved reliability, but also reduces wire harness material, labour and fault finding costs.

The 12 outputs offer higher power ratings than other available control & I/O solutions. Outputs can be configured for simple on/off, pulse width modulated (PWM) or 6 H-bridge pairs for bi-directional motor control, and can be monitored for improved feedback and diagnostics. 8 analogue and 12 digital inputs (2 dedicated to CAN address setting) allow extensive sensor measurement and conversion to CAN data.

Physically, the IX32 uses a fully sealed and potted case with field-proven Deutsch connectors for superior performance in the most adverse environments. The unit is intended for use in conditions where reliable operation is crucial, extreme temperature variations are common, high shock and vibration levels exist, and where electromagnetic interference (EMI) is normal.

The compact housing simplifies mounting in tight areas and eases harness installation through reduced wiring. Model IX321224 can be powered from either 12 or 24 V DC supplies.


  • Solid-state, CAN-controlled power distribution, replacing electro-mechanical relays and fuses
  • Simple, remote connection by 4-wire power and CAN: reduce wiring hardware, installation and fault-finding costs
  • Designed for use in severe-duty mobile and marine equipment applications
  • Integrated CAN communication using SAE J1939
  • 32 inputs/outputs:
    • 12 high power outputs for direct drive of lighting, actuators, motors, fans, pumps:
    • 15A per output, 70A total per module; active high, PWM or 6 H-bridge pairs for bi-directional motor control
    • 12 digital switch inputs, tri-state high/low/open
    • 8 analogue sensor inputs: (6) 0-5V and (2) resistive
  • Integrated circuit protection and diagnostics
  • Full integration with Murphy PowerView displays and PowerVision Configuration Studio™ development software.
  • Totally solid-state: improved reliability and lifetime compared with electro-mechanical relay & fuse-based power distribution
  • Compact, rugged and sealed enclosure using Industry standard Deutsch connectorsSpecifications


Parameter Value
Operating Voltage  12 or 24 V nominal (8-32 V) 
Polarity Reverse polarity protection
I/O and CAN connection  

Twelve (12) digital high current outputs: 15A each, 70A total; configurable as High side, PWM or up to 6 H-bridge pairs.

Inputs Twelve (12) digital tri-state inputs: high side, low side, open

Eight (8) analogue inputs: (6) 0-5 VDC and (2) resistive

Supply for input sensor excitation: 5 VDC @ 70mA

CAN interface CAN 2.0B Active, Default Protocol SAE J1939, Baud Rate 250 Kbits


Parameter  Value 
Housing Combination PBT and E-coated cast aluminum with integrated mounting feet.
Connectors Deutsch (3) DT Series 12 pin (J3, J4, J5); (1) DT Series 2 pin (J6); (2) DT HD power series 1 pin (J1 & J2) Contact surface Nickel-plated copper alloy.
Weight 0.9 kg
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Protection IP66 and 67, SAE J1455 4.5.3 (water intrusion, 10300 kPa @ 50° C and 100mm away, for 15 minutes with the harness connected).
Electromagnetic Compatibility 2004/108/EC
EN 61000-6-4
EN 61000-6-2
EN 50121-3-2
EN 12895
J1113/2, 4, 11, 12, 21, 24, 26, and 41
Vibration 5 – 25 G, 50 – 2000 Hz, 72 hours/axis

30G, 3 cycles

Electromagnetic Compatibility 2004/108/EC (IEC 61000-4-3/-4-6/-4-8, EN60945/CISPR 11, EN61326-1).



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