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P/N: TLM100-01
Tank Level Monitor (40"/1.02m Depth)

Maretron’s TLM100 is used to sense fluid levels of tanks by using ultrasonic technology. Ultrasonic, or sound waves, are transmitted via the TLM100 mounted at the top of the tank and the flight times of the sound waves to and from the fluid are measured much like a depth sensor. What this means for you is that there are no difficult to handle long probes protruding into the tank, which often foul and/or corrode. Once the TLM100 calculates and transmits the fluid level over the NMEA 2000® network, you can observe
tank levels anywhere on the vessel where there is an NMEA 2000® compatible display such as the Maretron DSM250.

nmea-2000-logo-productsThe TLM100 is capable of sensing fluid levels in tanks up to 40” (1.02m) in depth. It can be used for diesel, fresh water, waste water, black water, and oil tanks (see TLM150 for gasoline tanks or TLM200 for deeper tanks). Unlike most tank senders that only work with rectangular tanks, the TLM100 can be calibrated for irregular tank shapes so you can know the true fluid level in your tanks.

The TLM100 is mounted directly to the top of tanks using the industry standard SAE J1810 5-hole mounting pattern. The TLM100 can also be mounted to tanks with threaded tank openings using optional adapters that included both a 1.5” NPT and a 1.25” BSP adapter. There are other important TLM100 optional accessories including an airlock for black water applications, which keeps the face of the ultrasonic transmitter from fouling and an optional focus tube to permit use on boats with planing hulls, which is required if the vessel spends a significant amount of time with the bow pitched up.

Most importantly, the TLM100 is NMEA 2000® certified so you can view any and all tank levels anywhere on the vessel when using a compatible NMEA 2000® display. The TLM100 is another key component of Maretron’s N2KView® vessel monitoring and control system.


Part number Description
TLM100-01 Tank Level Monitor (40” Depth Tanks)
TA-5H-1.25BSP 1.25” BSP Displacement Hull Tank Adapter
TA-5H-1.5NPT 1.5” NPT Displacement Hull Tank Adapter
TAL-5H SAE 5-Bolt Pattern Black Water Airlock
TAL-1.25BSP 1.25” BSP Black Water Airlock
TAL-1.5NPT 1.5” NPT Black Water Airlock
TFT-5H SAE 5-Bolt Pattern Non-Displacement Hull Focus Tube
TFT-1.25BSP 1.25” BSP Non-Displacement Hull Focus Tube
TFT-1.5NPT 1.5” NPT Non-Displacement Hull Focus Tube


Parameter Value Comment
Accuracy +/-2%  
Resolution +/-1%  
Number of Tank Types 16 Fuel, Fresh Water, Waste Water, Live well, Oil, etc.
Number of Tanks per Tank Type 16 16 Tanks per Tank Type Numbered 0-15
Maximum Tank Depth 40" (1.02m)  
Minimum Depth Reading 2” (5.08cm) Sensor Deadband
Support for Irregularly Shaped Tanks Yes Can be Calibrated for any Shape Tank
Programmable Tank Capacity Yes Allows Displays to Calculate Amount Remaining
Maximum Tank Angle
Without focus tube
With focus tube


Standard Comment
NMEA 2000® Standard Level B
Maritime Navigation and Radiocommunication Equipment & Systems IEC 60945
FCC and CE Mark Electromagnetic Compatibility

NMEA 2000® Parameter Group Numbers (PGNs)

Description PGN # PGN Name Default Rate
Periodic Data PGNs 127505 Fluid Level 0.4 Times/Second
Response to Request PGNs 126464
PGN List (Transmit and Receive)
Product Information
Configuration Information
Protocol PGNs 059392
ISO Acknowledge
ISO Request
ISO Address Claim
ISO Address Command
NMEA Request/Command/Acknowledge


Parameter Value Comment
Operating Voltage 9 to 16 Volts DC Voltage
Power Consumption (Maximum) <100mA Maximum Current Drain
Load Equivalence Number (LEN) 2 NMEA 2000® Spec. (1LEN = 50 mA)
Reverse Battery Protection Yes Indefinitely
Load Dump Protection Yes Energy Rated per SAE J1113


Parameter Value Comment
Size 3.9” x 1.2” x 1.0” (99mm x 30.5mm x 25.4mm)
2.7” dia. X 0.9” (68.6mm dia. x 22.9mm)
8.5” (215.9mm)
Interface Component
Sensor Component
Interconnecting Cable
Weight 12 oz. (340g)  
Mounting SAE J1810 5-hole bolt pattern Can mount to 1.25” BSP or 1.5” NPT using available adapters


Parameter Value
IEC 60945 Classification Exposed
Degree of Protection IP67
Operating Temperature -25°C to 55°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to 70°C
Relative Humidity 93%RH @40° per IEC60945-8.2
Vibration 2-13.2Hz @ ±1mm, 13.2-100Hz @ 7m/s2 per IEC 60945-8.7
Rain and Spray 12.5mm Nozzle @ 100liters/min from 3m for 30min per IEC 60945-8.8
Solar Radiation Ultraviolet B, A, Visible, and Infrared per IEC 60945-8.10
Corrosion (Salt Mist) 4 times 7 days @ 40°C, 95%RH after 2 hour Salt Spray Per IEC 60945-8.12
Electromagnetic Emission Conducted and Radiated Emission per IEC60945-9
Electromagnetic Immunity Conducted, Radiated, Supply, and ESD per IEC 60945-10
Safety Precautions Dangerous Voltage, Electromagnetic Radio Frequency per IEC 60945-12


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