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P/N: FFM100-01
Fuel/Fluid Flow Monitoring

Pittman2012WinnerMaretron’s FFM100 provides precision fuel flow information to help optimize fuel consumption, which can save thousands of dollars in fuel operating cost. The FFM100 uses state-of-the-art, positive displacement metering technology for unprecedented accuracy. In fact, the accuracy of the FFM100 is nearly that of commercial vessel systems costing tens of thousands of dollars, yet the FFM100 costs less than existing recreational systems found on the market today. Additional benefits of the positive displacement metering technology are the elimination of flow conditioning components such as straighteners and pulsation dampers. Other flow meter technologies require flow conditioning components that increase system and installation cost. The FFM100 also uses true temperature compensation with embedded temperature sensors within the meters. The returning fuel is generally hotter than the supply fuel and if not properly compensated, inaccuracies as much as 5% can occur in computing the engine’s fuel consumption.

The FFM100 also detects momentary reverse flow in the fuel lines due to fluctuating pressure caused by the injection pump. Less accurate systems count the reverse fuel flow as part of the consumed fuel where the FFM100 properly accounts for momentary reverse flow. Lastly, the FFM100 can be used for fluid types other than fuel (e.g., water, oil, etc.) by ordering the appropriate flow sender.

The FPM100 is NMEA 2000® certified so you can view any and all information anywhere on the vessel using a compatible NMEA 2000® display. The FFM100 is a key component of Maretron's N2KView vessel monitoring and control system.


  • FFM100 converts a variety of flow senders (e.g., fuel, water, etc.) to NMEA 2000® Network Data
  • All flow senders ordered separately depending on application (i.e., single fuel flow sender for gas engine, dual fuel flow senders for diesel engine, water flow sender for sea water, etc.)
  • Fuel flow senders facilitates fuel consumption optimization for reduced fuel operating cost
  • Fuel flow senders use positive displacement metering technology for superior accuracy over other measurement technology such as turbine meters
  • Fuel flow senders do not require costly fuel conditioning components like flow straighteners and pulse dampers
  • Fuel flow senders implement true temperature compensation with precision built-in thermistors for increased accuracy
  • Fuel flow senders automatically detect reverse flow due to fluctuating pressure difference from injection pumps
  • Fuel flow senders pass particle sizes up to 70 micrometers (diesel fuel filters normally filter down to 2 micrometers to prevent clogging injectors)


  • Diesel Fuel Flow Monitoring
  • Gasoline Fuel Flow Monitoring
  • Cooling Water Flow Monitoring


Part number Description
FFM100-01 Fuel Flow Monitor
M1AR Fuel Flow Sensor 2 to 100 LPH
M2AR Fuel Flow Sensor 15 to 500 LPH
M4AR Fuel Flow Sensor 180 to 1500 LPH
M8AR Fuel Flow Sensor 480 to 4200 LPH
M16AR Fuel Flow Sensor 600 to 6000 LPH


Parameter Type Comment
Accuracy (Differential Mode) ±1.75% of reading Using M1RSP-2R-E8 sensors K factors programmed into FFM100 4:1 fuel feed/fuel consumption ratio
Accuracy (Two Independent Sensors) ±0.25% of reading Using M1RSP-2R-E8 sensors K factors programmed into FFM100
Resolution 0.1 LPH (0.026 GPH)  


Standard Comment
NMEA 2000® Standard Level A
Maritime Navigation and Radio Communication Equipment & Systems IEC 61162-3
Maritime Navigation and Radiocommunication Equipment & Systems Tested to IEC 60945
FCC and CE Mark Electromagnetic Compatibility

NMEA 2000® Parameter Group Numbers (PGNs)

Description PGN # PGN Name Default Rate
Periodic Data PGNs 127489
Engine Parameters, Dynamic
Trip Parameters, Engine
2 Time/Second
1 Time/Second
0.5 Times/Second
Response to Request PGNs 126464
PGN List (Transmit and Receive)
Product Information
Configuration Information
Protocol PGNs 059392
ISO Acknowledge
ISO Request
ISO Address Claim
ISO Address Command
NMEA Request/Command/Acknowledge
Maretron Proprietary PGNs 128720 Configuration N/A


Parameter Value Comment
Operating Voltage 9 to 32 Volts DC Voltage
Power Consumption (Maximum) 150mA Maximum Current Drain
Load Equivalence Number (LEN) 3 NMEA 2000® Spec. (1LEN = 50 mA)
Reverse Battery Protection Yes Indefinitely
Load Dump Protection Yes Energy Rated per SAE J1113


Parameter Value Comment
Size 3.50” x 4.20” x 2.03” (88.9mm x 106.7mm x 51.6mm) Including Flanges for Mounting
Weight 13 oz. (368.5 g)  


Parameter Value
IEC 60945 Classification Exposed
Degree of Protection IP64
Operating Temperature -25°C to 55°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to 70°C
Relative Humidity 93%RH @40° per IEC60945-8.2
Vibration 2-13.2Hz @ ±1mm, 13.2-100Hz @ 7m/s2 per IEC 60945-8.7
Rain and Spray 12.5mm Nozzle @ 100liters/min from 3m for 30min per IEC 60945-8.8
Solar Radiation Ultraviolet B, A, Visible, and Infrared per IEC 60945-8.10
Corrosion (Salt Mist) 4 times 7 days @ 40°C, 95%RH after 2 hour Salt Spray Per IEC 60945-8.12
Electromagnetic Emission Conducted and Radiated Emission per IEC60945-9
Electromagnetic Immunity Conducted, Radiated, Supply, and ESD per IEC 60945-10
Safety Precautions Dangerous Voltage, Electromagnetic Radio Frequency per IEC 60945-12


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