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AcquaLink 7"

P/N: A2C59501997
Acqualink 7" display

7" AcquaLink® multifunction TFT displays. The full 24 bit / 16 mio. color optically bonded displays feature transflective layer technology for unprecedented and unsurpassed readability even in direct sunlight.

TFT displays connect to a VDO Bus backbone for simple installation in any yacht with up to 5 displays per VDO Bus line. AcquaLink® displays also feature direct video inputs on the device for cameras and other surveillance equipment. 7" TFTs are equipped with capacitive multi touch screens whereas 4.3" displays require the use of a Nav Control unit for data input and operation.


Parameter Value
VDO Bus connectors 2x M12 8 pin
Video input M12 4 pin
Operating temperature range -20 °C / +70 °C
Storage temperature range -30 °C / +80 °C
Voltage 8-28 V

800 x 400 (WVGA)


Speed through Water Time of Arrival (Mark)  Theoretical Boat Speed Rudder Angle
Distance through Water Time of Arrival (Track) Magnetic Heading Acceleration  
Average Speed through Water Local Time Field Strength Yaw (Rotation)
Trip Current Vector True Magnetic Heading Heeling
Depth below Transducer Track Made Good Deviation Roll & Pitch
Depth below Drift Waypoint & Route Selection Auto-Calibration Damping for Values
Depth below Surface Skip Mark / Stop Track Position Engine Speed*
Anchor Watch (change of depth) Anchor Watch (change of position) Speed over Ground Fuel Consumption*
Navigation Alarm on/off Alarm Clock Course over Ground Oil Pressure*
Apparent Wind Angle Supply Voltage Time (UTC) Coolant Water Temperature*
Apparent Wind Speed Fuel Tank Number of satellites Oil Temperature*
True Wind Angle Freshwater Tank HDOP Coolant Pressure*
True Magnetic Heading Wastewater Tank Cross Track Error Water in Fuel*
Velocity made Good (VMG) Starter Battery Course to Mark Fuel Range*
Absolute Wind Angle Navigation light control Distance to Mark Barometer
Leeway Angle Voltage Alarms Distance of Track Air Temperature
Race Timer Water Temperature Alarm Time to Go (Mark) Water Temperature
Sail Performance Gas Alarm Time to Go (Track) Water intrusion

*Information received from engine 

Aftermarket package

TFT Display, Black bezel, Foam seal, Silicone cover, QR code, Screw, Safety instructions


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Marinplus AB has merged with Odelco AB, thereby becoming the first and only distributor that can offer a complete range of products and solutions for power supply, modern electrical systems, rescue and security systems.


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