Piranha DL12 Industrial, 24V, White light

P/N: DL12I-SM-W127
Surface Mounted LED Underwater Dock Light.
White light. 24V.

Surface Mounted Underwater Dock Light.

The award winning Piranha DL12 Underwater Dock Light is the most powerful and efficient Docklight available on the market, manufactured from the highest quality marine grade bronze its innovative and compact design makes it the ideal choice for breathtaking illumination and safety of marinas, docks & water features.

Multiple mounting options ensures a very simple installation, pipe can easily be fabricated and installed on site, lens cover can be serviced if required.

Reverse polarity protection with in built driver technology and active thermal control.

Guard X protective coating prevents marine growth accumulation.

Not suitable for hull fitment.


White light.


Mounting Suitable for mounting on Docks, Marinas, Pontoons and water features
Lighting colour Diamond White
Lumen 5400 lumen
Operation LED life 50,000+ hours
Power 24V/2.3 A
Fixture profile 51 mm, 2"
Fixture diameter 130 mm, 5.1"
Body Marine graded bronze
Installation Professional installation recommended
Protection Over voltage, current, reverse polarity, active thermal protection
Lens Optical grade high impact polymer, 60 degree beam angle
Warranty 2 years warranty

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Wireless Remote Kit, 12V110/240V to 24V-adapter
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